Cop Raped 15 Yr Girl

Rapes have become very common these days; minor girls are being raped and it’s actually very shameful that such gruesome incidents are adding a black spot to our society.

Another unfortunate incident has come to light and it will bring tears to the eyes of some sensitive people. This time, a 15 year old girl was raped by a police constable in Uttar Pradesh’s Ballia district. It’s hard to believe, but it’s the fact that the rapist was a “COP”, the one who promises to protect citizens. This was not the only unfortunate thing that this poor girl had to face.

As soon as the girl’s father came to know about the incident, he had a cardiac arrest and he died on the spot. We really pity the 15 year old girl, who not only had to face this dirty act by the police constable but also had to bear the loss of her father.

The incident in detail!

The girl was raped by Constable Dharam, who was posted in Gopal Nagar’s Revati police station. As per the girl’s family, the constable caught hold of her when she left her home on Friday night for using the toilet near the police quarters.

According to reports, some youngsters heard screams from the outpost, after which they rushed there immediately. On reaching there, they were shocked to see that police constable raping her. The girl was rescued and the police constable was caught.

Currently, investigation on the matter is going on; let’s see what happens. What about the safety that is promised in every speech? If cops are doing such things, what can we expect from normal citizens?

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