Promo Of Bigg Boss 11 Is Out! The Theme Is Superb

We just can’t wait for Bigg Boss’ new season; fans of this controversial reality show are waiting for the new season to begin, as this time, there’s something new for them. In terms of host, there is no change because Salman Khan is inseparable from BB.

If you are very curious about your favorite show, it’s time to relax yourself as the first promo of BB 11 is out and it’s awesome. As usual, Salman Khan is rocking the promo and is adding to our interest even more. Raj Nayak, the CEO of Colors uploaded the promo on his Twitter account and took the social media platform by storm.

There was already a hint that a new concept would be seen in the Bigg Boss house this year and the very first promo reflects the same. The main twist is that there would not be 1 but 2 houses.

In the promo, we can see Sallu Bhai in his night suit and he’s looking dashing as ever. He is interacting with people of 2 houses and has the tag line, “Tan Tanna Tan Tan Tan Taara yeh hai Bigg Boss Gyara (Bigg Boss 11)”.

Watch the promo right away;



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