Indian Logical Water Finder Watch Video

Water Finder

Water Finder Uploaded By  Channel Funnymela .

In This Video You Will See That The Coconut Is Up And Down Its An True Result True Video.

The Video Is Not Fake Video When The Water Comes In

The Floor The Coconut Will Up.

And The Water Is No There There Then Coconut Will Down.

This Water Finder Trick Usually Used In India For Finding The Water.

Indian Logical Water Finder

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what happens truly:
a drowser at work will show you how the coconut is moving in a arc like direction, at a place. But, if you try doing the same with the same

with the same coconut at the same place you will be faced with failure that the

coconut does not move an inch.

This will usually be faced by a common dialogue like,

“It only occurs in certain people and it seems that you are not one of them”.
actually in the places where the drowsers dig there will be a 90% probability of finding water. So, it doesn’t matter whether he drowses


not there is a chance of finding the water,

anywhere in the land area. All he does is make a fool out of people who are ready to be fooled and does a good amount of cash, by chance.


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