Jio Phone Is Launched

This handset is once again going to bring about disruption in the telecom market. The major highlight of this phone is that buyers can buy it at a refundable deposit of Rs 1,500, after which they need to pay a small amount of Rs 153 every month.

So, for those looking to pre-book the phone, let us tell you that it will be available on a first come first serve basis. If you too want to pre-book it, you need to know various methods for the same.

You can pre-book by paying a price of Rs 500; this amount will be adjusted while paying the security deposit. Yes, if you have already paid Rs 500, you need to pay just Rs 1000 during the delivery of the device. There are 2 methods i.e. offline and online. Online methods include the official website and MyJio app while the offline methods include Jio stores and other retail outlets

Check out different methods of pre-booking the device;

Online booking through

1. Go to the official website

2. Once you visit the website, you need to enter the phone number and the Aadhar card details.

3. Pay Rs 500 and checkout.

4. You will get the notification on your phone number, “You have successfully booked your JioPhone”.

Online booking through MyJio App

1. Open the MyJio App.

2. Go to pre-booking option.

3. Enter the phone number, pincode and also Aadhar card details.

4. Pay Rs 500.

5. You will get the message of successful booking.

Offline booking through Jio stores.

1. Go to the nearest Jio store or retail store.

2. Give all the details that the store asks and pay Rs 500.

3. You will get an SMS that the booking is confirmed.

4. You will get a receipt too

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